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Type of cup: Iceland Domestic Cup

Participants: 84

ø-Market value: 16 k €

Tournament records
Wins: KR Reykjavík KR Reykjavík 14 time(s)
Matches:   21 games
Goals:   13 goals

On the competition start page, the participating teams of a season (selectable in the drop-down menu) are first listed according to the total market value. In addition to news, a matchday overview and the goal scorer list, the table offers further information.

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Knockout stage 2019
Date Home team Home team Away team Away team
Sat Sep 14, 2019 Hafnarfjördur FH Hafnarfjördur 0:1 Víkingur Reykjavík Víkingur
Wed Aug 14, 2019 Hafnarfjördur FH Hafnarfjördur 3:1 KR Reykjavík KR Reykjavík
Thu Aug 15, 2019 Víkingur Víkingur Reykjavík 3:1 Breidablik Kópavogur Breidablik
Wed Jun 26, 2019 ÍBV ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 2:3 Víkingur Reykjavík Víkingur
Thu Jun 27, 2019 Hafnarfjördur FH Hafnarfjördur 7:1 UMF Grindavík Grindavík
Breidablik Breidablik Kópavogur 4:2 AET Fylkir Reykjavík Fylkir
KR Reykjavík KR Reykjavík 3:0 UMF Njardvík Njardvík
Round of 16
Tue May 28, 2019 Víkingur Víkingur Reykjavík 6:5 on pens KA Akureyri KA Akureyri
Grindavík UMF Grindavík 3:1 Vestri Ísafjördur Vestri
Keflavík Keflavík ÍF 0:1 AET UMF Njardvík Njardvík
Wed May 29, 2019 ÍBV ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 2:0 Fjölnir Reykjavík Fjölnir
Thu May 30, 2019 Völsungur ÍF Völsungur ÍF 0:2 KR Reykjavík KR Reykjavík
Hafnarfjördur FH Hafnarfjördur 2:1 ÍA Akranes ÍA Akranes
Thróttur Thróttur Reykjavík 1:3 Fylkir Reykjavík Fylkir
Breidablik Breidablik Kópavogur 3:1 HK Kópavogs HK Kópavogs
Third Round
Sun Apr 28, 2019 Vestri Vestri Ísafjördur 2:1 AET Ulfarnir Ulfarnir
Tue Apr 30, 2019 ÍR ÍR Reykjavík 1:3 Fjölnir Reykjavík Fjölnir
Ægir KF Ægir 0:4 Thróttur Reykjavík Thróttur
Fram Reykjavík Fram Reykjavík 1:3 AET UMF Njardvík Njardvík
Keflavík Keflavík ÍF 1:0 Kórdrengir Kórdrengir
Grindavík UMF Grindavík 4:1 UMF Afturelding Afturelding
Wed May 1, 2019 HK Kópavogs HK Kópavogs 5:1 KF Fjardabyggdar Fjardabyggd
Völsungur ÍF Völsungur ÍF 4:0 Mídas Mídas
KÁ Ásvellir KÁ Ásvellir 1:2 Víkingur Reykjavík Víkingur
Fylkir Fylkir Reykjavík 2:1 ÍF Grótta Grótta
Augnablik Augnablik Kópavogur 0:3 ÍA Akranes ÍA Akranes
KR Reykjavík KR Reykjavík 5:0 Dalvík/Reynir Dalvík/Reynir
ÍBV ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 1:0 AET Stjarnan Gardabaer Stjarnan
UMF Sindri UMF Sindri 0:5 KA Akureyri KA Akureyri
Magni ÍF Magni Grenivík 1:10 Breidablik Kópavogur Breidablik
Valur Valur Reykjavík 1:2 FH Hafnarfjördur Hafnarfjördur
Second Round
Sat Apr 13, 2019 UMF Sindri UMF Sindri 5:1 Leiknir Fáskrúdsfjordur Leiknir F.
Wed Apr 17, 2019 Fram Reykjavík Fram Reykjavík 6:0 Ýmir Kópavogur Ýmir
Leiknir Leiknir Reykjavík 1:4 Fjölnir Reykjavík Fjölnir
Thu Apr 18, 2019 Afturelding UMF Afturelding 3:2 UMF Selfoss Selfoss
Víkingur Ó. UMF Víkingur Ólafsvík 2:6 Ulfarnir Ulfarnir
ÍR ÍR Reykjavík 3:0 KV Vesturbaejar KV Vesturbaejar
Sat Apr 20, 2019 Vestri Vestri Ísafjördur 3:1 Kári Akranes Kári
First Round
Wed Apr 10, 2019 Kári Kári Akranes 5:1 Hamar Hamar
Thu Apr 11, 2019 Ellidi Ellidi 8:1 KF Álafoss Álafoss
ÍR ÍR Reykjavík 12:00 AM SR Reykjavík SR
Ýmir Ýmir Kópavogur 6:1 Afríka Reykjavík Afríka
Grótta ÍF Grótta 8:2 UMFÁ Álftanes Álftanes
Ulfarnir Ulfarnir 6:1 Vatnaliljur Vatnaliljur
Afturelding UMF Afturelding 6:0 Léttir Léttir
Fram Reykjavík Fram Reykjavík 2:1 GG Grindavik GG Grindavik
Fri Apr 12, 2019 Mídas Mídas 12:00 AM Isbjörninn Isbjörninn
KFG Gardabaer KFG Gardabaer 1:2 Reynir Sandgerdi Reynir S
Vaengir J. Vaengir Júpiters 12:00 AM Kóngarnir Kóngarnir
ÍH ÍH Hafnarfjördur 12:00 AM KF Björninn KF Björninn
Augnablik Augnablik Kópavogur 12:00 AM KS Árborg Árborg
Fenrir Fenrir 0:2 KF Ægir Ægir
KF Kría KF Kría 1:2 KÁ Ásvellir KÁ Ásvellir
Sat Apr 13, 2019 Vestri Vestri Ísafjördur 1:0 KF Vídir Vídir
Haukar Haukar Hafnarfjördur 5:2 KF Framherjar-Smástund Framherjar
Sun Apr 14, 2019 Selfoss UMF Selfoss 12:00 AM Thróttur Vogum Thróttur Vogum
Mon Apr 15, 2019 KB KB Breidholt 2:1 Snaefell Snaefell

Most valuable players

#playerclubMarket value
Árni Vilhjálmsson
Left Winger
Breidablik Kópavogur
Jonathan Hendrickx
KA Akureyri
Patrick Pedersen
Valur Reykjavík
Steven Lennon
FH Hafnarfjördur
Andrés Escobar
Left Winger
Leiknir Reykjavík

Top goalscorers

Thomas Mikkelsen
29Breidablik Kópavogur
Nikolaj Hansen
26Víkingur Reykjavík
Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson
Right Winger
24Breidablik Kópavogur
Pétur Bjarnason
22Vestri Ísafjördur
Fareed Sadat
20Haukar Hafnarfjördur
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